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How can exam.com Guarantee High Quality IT Training Materials?

exam.com is dedicated to providing the most complete and comprehensive IT Training Materials for all your IT exams. In order to achieve this high standard of quality, exam.com conducts business operations as follows:

  • exam practice exams are made by senior professional IT experts. exam practice exams cover 100% of the exam objectives that you will be tested on.
  • All exam.com's Practice Exam Questions are designed to ensure you have all the required theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as the "Hands On Skills" to pass the exams on Your First Try!!! They consist of questions, answers and detailed explanations of all the core concepts you will be tested on during your IT certification exam.
  • Updates are released as needed, to ensure that the Practice Exam Questions cover all the core concepts. exam.com ensures you always have access to the latest updates for all your Practice Exams by Instant Notification of updates via email. Whenever any IT Exam is updated, exam.com will update the latest update on the product page so you can see when the last update was done to ensure you always have the Highest Quality IT Certification Practice Exam Questions material.
  • Excellent Customer Service from exam.com for over 10 years now has allowed for steady growth and an Industry Leading reputation for Great Customer Service! From technical questions to simple download questions, exam.com customer service agents will reply back to your questions within 24-48 hours or you can Chat Live with our customer service agents online.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee - exam has been successful in obtaining a very high success rate and our customers are rarely required to exercise this Guarantee Policy. However, if the registered user of exam.com fails the corresponding exam within 90 days after the purchase date and contacts exam.com to claim this guarantee, then the purchase fee of the failed exam you failed provided you submitted your failed transcript will be funded. If you ordered more then one product only the failed exam purchase will be refunded.

Under What Conditions I can Claim the Guarantee?


If the registered user of exam fails the corresponding exam within 90 days after the purchase date and contacts exam to claim this guarantee, then the purchase fee will be refunded in full. Exam failures that occur before the purchase date do not qualify for purposes of this guarantee.

Please Note: The Money-Back Guarantee is not applicable on the following cases:

  1. Wrong Purchase. (exam.com will not refund a purchase if the customer claims he made the wrong purchase or an exam has been expired.
  2. Free exam. (No matter failed or wrong choice)
  3. Expired order(s). (Out of 90 days from the purchase date)
  4. If you do one or two exams in one day, and you happen to fail one or both of your exams. exam will not refund your order. WE do not refund an order if you ordered an exam the same day and failed the same day. You need time to prepare for an exam.
  5. Name on the failed transcript report must match the name of the person who ordered the exam.
  6. CCIE LAB is non-refundable
  7. Candidate prepared for the examination and spent at least 7 days studying our materials.

Please Note: For those who give up the right of claiming a refund but want to exchange for another exam, exam will provide two free exams for compensation.

If you have any questions about this Money Back Guarantee, please feel free to contact us anytime using our Contact Us page or use our Live Chat service.

*exam practice questions cover all the exam objectives you will be tested on. Please note, it is highly advisable that you also have a book to help with your studies to prepare for any exam. These practice questions are just to help you overcome the difficult exam and are a great help but it is highly advisable you also purchase a book or attend credited courses with hands on training to help you be fully prepared in passing your exam. Hands on Training is highly recommeded in securing a job along with your certification.*

How to Claim the Refund/Exchange?

When claiming the guarantee, downloaded products must be deleted and all copies destroyed. This guarantee applies only to single-user licenses purchased directly from exam.

To claim your refund, please use our Contact Us page and select Refund Request on the drop down menu under Support Issue. You must submit the Examination Score Report in PDF format and attach your score report where it states Upload file.

(Note: Any fake reports submitted you will not get a reply back and you will be blacklisted from the website. Picture must be visible and registration id visible. Please also note transcripts will be kept on file along with your order information if you have submitted your transcript.)

Please also include the below Information when filing for a refund. Enter the below details in the Message field on the Contact Us page under refund request along with your attached score report.

First Name:
Last Name:
Order Number:
Purchase Date:
Order Description (Exam Code):
Candidate ID/ Testing ID:
Your Scores:
Last 4 digits of Credit Card:
Email Address Used With Account:

After you have requested your refund and we have received all of the information above. exam will arrange the refund within 7 days after receiving the email and confirming all of the details! There is ABSOLUTELY NO RISK!!!


When searching for quality training material with vendors that offer a money back guarantee, we strongly recommend you look for the following to see if they are a reputable vendor.

  1. Live Chat Service where you can contact a customer service representative right away Live, and ask your questions/receive technical support.
  2. A Live Chat Service that is always available and has someone that will be able to answer your technical questions.
  3. Your Email being responded to you within 48-72 hours with regards to a failed transcript.

The above points are to be highly considered when dealing with any vendor.

exam.com or Your Money Back!!!